I Believe in You

If you are looking for a guru to tell you what to do and who to be, I’m not your girl. I believe in your indomitable spirit and innate wisdom to know whats best for you. All I can do is communicate that belief, encourage  you to believe in yourself, wake you to your wisdom, and provide raw materials for you to ply that wisdom on. If you disagree with something I’ve done or said, good for you! That means you are in tune with and have confidence in yourself. My work is done.


The Purpose of this Blog

I have lived beyond my expiration date… twice. I have regained 99% mobility after losing full use of both legs and one arm. I am currently NED (no evidence of disease) from Stage IV cancer. I ski, hike, scuba dive, etc. and look and feel better than I did before cancer. Everyone wants to know how I did it. They are hoping for a magic silver bullet. I don’t believe there is one. With my holistic anti-cancer protocol, I did hundreds of things. Truthfully, I don’t “know” which ones worked. Probably all of them, to some extent. I have chosen to treat this as a chronic disease instead of the terminal diagnosis they tell me it is and I hope to live a longer, fuller life by taking care of myself.

On my journey, I have come to believe that there is a part of me that knows what is best for me and how to heal me. I have honed my ability to access it and to trust it. I believe that everyone has that knowledge within them, but most of us have lost touch with the ability and the trust. I hope to instill confidence in you that will put you back in touch with your higher, healing self. You are not alone. I love and support you in your quest.

I will share what I did… and do… and why. I am in no way telling you what you should do. Please don’t take my word for anything beyond what it is… a sharing of my journey. Please pay attention to your self, bring your subconscious knowledge into your conscious awareness, and extract what resonates within you and research it on your own. Talk to doctors and other healers, and your path will become clear to you.

In the “About” page, you can see my diagnoses and treatments from a western medicine standpoint. Those treatments undoubtedly played important roles in my success and I share relevant information on them. However, I firmly believe that I surpassed the expectations and knowledge of western medicine because of the complementary things that I did. If nothing else, my naturopathic protocol fortified me and sustained me during chemo and radiation so that I could withstand the brutal, unparalleled regimen they subjected me to.

The philosophy of my naturopathic protocol is to create a “bioterrain” in my body that is hostile to cancer, instead of one in which cancer thrives. There are a myriad of causes that we can agonize over. Playing the blame game over water under the bridge does not serve us. But no matter what treatment options you have chosen, your body can only benefit from the following principles going forward:

Stop putting toxins in your body
Get the toxins you have accumulated over your lifetime out
Rectify nutritional imbalances
Boost your immune system
Kill the little f$#@ing cancer cells! : )
Balance stress and support emotional wellness

Don’t discount the role that your emotions play in creating your physical bioterrain. Emotions and thoughts are all chemicals and electricity and translate into and influence our physical states. They play into the first five of the above principles as much as physical substances. Find your happy place…

Disclaimer: Nothing contained on this website should be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor. I am a Stage IV metastatic breast cancer thriver who is currently NEAD and simply sharing what I did, and do, and why… my holistic anti-cancer protocol. Please research anything I share to determine if it is a good path for you. Bless you all on the path you choose.

All original content contained on this web site, What I did and do and why, is copyrighted, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Kaiulani Facciani.


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  1. Ann

    Love you Kaiulani xxxx Thank you so much for all you share with us – spreading hope , inspiration and light through the darkness …. you’re a Star 😉 xxxxx

  2. Deb

    Thank-you. Thank-you so much for posting your story. I was also diagnosed with extensive bone mets in Jul 2016 & hospitalized for two months because I literally could not even sit up in bed, let alone walk. I lost four inches of height due to whatever was going on in my vertebrae. Doctors and nurses were just happy when I could stand and go home. “What more can I do?” I would ask. “Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing” they would say. I am now going to the gym, walking for two hours daily, and enjoying life. I wake up each day and humble myself before cancer, and think about what I’ve going to do to fully live life. Skiing, huh? I love skiing…. think I gotta give that a go this winter…. Thank-you for sharing your story!!!

  3. Andrea walker

    I can’t thank you enough for starting this blog and for the invite 💚
    Stage 4 bc with mets to sternum, dx was Feb 27th 2017
    Had 5 mos chemo, 30 rads, ovaries removed and now on arimidex and cymbalta.
    Nothing but love for you and all of you on here and of course hugs and prayers 💚❤🙏

    1. Kaiulani Facciani

      Love back atcha, babe. You got this.

  4. Vicky

    Hi Kaiulani,
    Your blog is so wonderful. I found it because I’m doing a lot of research on breast cancer mets to the brain. I had one tiny tumor which was removed with surgery and one SRS treatment in 2016. My last MRI shows 3 new spots. I will find out in August if they are cancerous or not. In the event that it is more cancer, I want to be closer to knowing what to do and where to turn. Let me know that you are still doing well.

    1. Kaiulani Facciani

      Thank you for our kind words and I wish you well on your healing journey. I am still doing well. Im stage 4 so still technically “terminal” but I have been NEAD (no evidence of active disease) according to my scans and tumor markers for 4 years. If you haven’t already, please read my post (under My Protocol) called “My brain metastases”. In there I discuss the 3 naturopathic things I did for brain mets as well as the SRS to finish off the remainder. There are links to more info those 3 things from that post. Best wishes.

  5. Lisa

    Hi Kaiulani just wondering what your thoughts r on the use of essential oils and cancer ?

    1. Kaiulani Facciani

      I used them…. frankincense, lemongrass, lemon, and others. I can’t say unequivocally that they worked for me since I did so many things, its hard to tell what worked against the cancer but there is a lot of research out there showing them to be effective and I have experienced other healing instances for other things that could be directly attributed to them. I rub them on my ankles, wrists and behind my ears, ingest them in gelatin capsules, put them in my bath and my aromatherapy diffuser.

  6. Gloria Garbaciak

    My mom has meingis it’s a layer on top of the brain blood and nerves …is yours the same or similar..my mom got diagonosed Sep 17 th 2018 Thank you 😭😥

    1. Kaiulani Facciani

      I assume you men she has cancer… metastases in the meninges, the tissues surrounding the brain. That is what I had…. Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis. I was given weeks to live 5 yeas ago. I have been “no evidence of disease” for 4 years. Here. Is a post you may find interesting. Each of the things I did are links to posts with further information. Feel free to contact me with questions. Give your mom a hug and tell her I believe in her ability to heal herself.


      Best wishes, Kai

  7. Deborah Cann

    Thank you for sharing your experience it is really inspiring. X

  8. Lyn Irvin

    After 20 years I have been diagnosed with MBC. Really interested in how you have fought this.

    1. Kaiulani Facciani

      So sorry that you have joined the club. You are not alone. I am in the process of publishing 3 books and redoing t blogs nd web sites. You may email me with specific questions if you like. thriver@kaiulanifacciani.com. I recommends subscribing to my blogs (free) if you already haven’t.

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