– Better living through chemistry?

Carcinogenesis is the formation of cancer. We all know there are many factors and variables. I’m all for reducing the ones we can control. There are many studies that have shown that many man-made chemicals are linked to carcinogenesis. Thus I try to avoid them. I eat only organic when possible, I make many of my own cosmetic and health products, I try to use products with untreated natural fibers, including clothing, flooring, bedding, etc. It’s hard to have faith that things are tested and labelled correctly. I don’t really have a lot of trust in research that is conducted by companies with a vested interest in proclaiming that their products are safe.

Today, I read an article that a French lab has tested the food given to control lab rats and found it to be full of GMOs and other toxins. So, if you are testing the toxicity of something that the experimental population is given against the controls, which are given toxic food, the results may show that something is “safe”, in that the experimental population isn’t suffering any more side effects than the controls (those also being fed toxic food). This is not good science.

Here is a link to research being done on the carcinogenic effects of multiple chemicals. Theories of carcinogenesis: Carcinogenic Potential of Chemical Mixtures. This is scary because while many chemicals can be “found” to not be carcinogenic on their own, they are finding that they can be carcinogenic when combined. I’m not a math major but the implications of how many permutations of combinations that would have to be tested and aren’t are staggering!

It’s enough to make me throw my hands up in the air and say, “Why bother?!” But then I gather myself, once again, to fight, in my way. All I can do is educate myself and try my best, right? I support organizations like the Cornucopia Institute and Organic Consumers Association because they are watchdogs dedicated to enforcing organic standards and holding corporations accountable. I follow The Endocrine Exchange (TEDX) because they are doing valuable research on endocrine disruption caused by chemicals in our environment. That disruption is linked to a wide variety of growing chronic health problems our society is experiencing.

One thing that concerns me is the effluent caused by all the pharmaceuticals, especially, chemo, we are taking. Studies have found high levels in deformed fish in the Great Lakes. Fish that others are eating? When I pee, will someone downstream be ingesting my chemo? Will my caregivers be exposed to harmful poisons? Google “chemotherapy residue in drinking water”. You will find a number of articles and research containing disturbing implications. I don’t have a solution but I think we should all be aware, be careful with our waste at home, and press for water treatment solutions that truly remove all these chemicals before returning the water to the supply.
I hope I haven’t depressed you. There are so many things we can’t control. I just want to inspire you to make educated decisions about those that you can. What we put into our body and surround ourselves with matters. This includes our emotional states as well. No matter what treatment regimen you are on, please take loving care of your mind and body… it needs it. Kisses…



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