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I had bone metastases with a vengeance! I lost full use of my legs because the tumors broke apart my sacroiliac joint. I lost full use of my right arm because the tumors broke my neck. I’m 4 inches shorter because 5 vertebrae crumbled from the cancer, basically destroying the bone and replacing the bone marrow. As the chemo and radiation killed the tumors, they also impaired my ability to build healthy bone marrow. No one really ever thought I would walk again but I guess it didn’t really matter because I wasn’t going to be alive for much longer (mets to liver, lungs, and lymph as well). I didn’t see it that way.

I knew that if I were going to walk again, I had to build healthy bone marrow. I was taking Zometa to strengthen my bones but I also researched naturopathic ways to build bone marrow. It seemed pretty clear that exercise is the best way to do it but my doctors forbade me from exercising because they were afraid my weakened bones would snap further. Bless their hearts, they had my best interest at heart. Don’t tell them, but I joined 24-hour Fitness.

Imagine me pulling up in my car, getting out my walker and entering the gym where all these fitness gurus are working out. Heehee. I did only non-impact exercise… such as yoga, swimming, and the weight machines with no weights. My muscles had atrophied so much, it just felt good to move! I did Aquacise with the old folks and then swam ‘lap’. I had to use a kickboard and even then it took what seemed like hours to go one length of the pool. The old people would stand around wondering which one was going to have to go in and save me because my swimming was so pathetic! I know that many times you don’t feel like it, but perhaps you can find a way to get the blood moving and the bone marrow building by finding some sort of exercise you can handle.

The second thing I discovered is Bone Broth. When I bought my organic bones, the bag-girl looked at them and said, “Do you have cancer?” I thought that was an amazing assumption since I had just discovered bone broth. Turned out her parents were naturopathic anti-cancer practitioners and the one thing they recommended for every kind of cancer was Bone Broth. Not just for bone mets, but to help counter the bone-marrow destroying effects of chemo and radiation and to nutritionally boost anyone fighting to heal anything.

So, here’s how you make it… get organic beef or lamb bones from the butcher or save your organic chicken and turkey carcasses and boil the bejeesus out of them for 2-3 days in a slow cooker. That extracts the bone marrow and nutrients you need into an extremely concentrated, gelatinous broth. Clean it to your taste but bear in mind that some of that scummy looking stuff is the good stuff. You can drink it on its own when you are nauseous and don’t think you can get much down. Bone broth is a nutritional powerhouse. I keep it frozen in glass jars and use it religiously as a super rich soup stock for risotto or organic vegetable and legume soups. While actively fighting cancer, I didn’t add meat because meat is a bit of a strain on your system to digest and I was trying to stay away from meat. Other than bone broth and organic yogurt, my diet was primarily fruits and vegetables, much of it raw. I do allow myself infrequent and small portions of organic meat now that I am NED.

Since I consume so many fruits and veggies and I live in a remote place, I have to constantly clean and prune my supply. I throw all that in with it. Here is a more complicated recipe with a great explanation on why it is good for cancer patients… How to make bone broth

The happy ending is that I not only outlived my expiration date and am NED, and I not only walk, but I ski and hike and scuba dive. If you were to see me walking down the street you wouldn’t notice anything wrong with me, although as soon I hit stairs or a steep incline, I struggle a bit. Anytime I get an MRI, the technicians wonder how I walked in there because they basically see a bunch of broken vertebrae held together by scar tissue. I will never regain full use of two of the fingers in my right hand and I can’t open jars or play piano but hey, I’m just grateful to be here, typing with one finger.

Here’s a little video of me skiing now…

As always, I am only sharing my path. Google bone broth and cancer and see if you’d like to give it a try. Bless you all on the path you choose.

Update: Many people asked about pre-made organic bone broth. It’s much better to make your own but I understand sometimes that may be difficult. A mets sister shared this source from a company her friend started. Organic, pasture-raised, non-gmo bone broth source




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