– My scrappy little junkyard dog

I dedicate this entry to my liver. What it has weathered through my life to get me this far is miraculous… a 2-year bout with Hepatitis B, three bouts of malaria, liver trauma and near shutdown from taking the birth control pill, two bouts of exotic strains of amoebic dysentery who probably still inhabit it, liver fluke infestations, a lifetime of iron overload from hereditary hemochromatosis. The detox from a dozen surgeries and associated pharmaceutical poisons. Not to mention the alcohol and recreational toxins our culture enjoys in excess when we’re young and less than wise. : )

It’s been bloodied and scarred with one eye poked out but it’s licking its paws… my scrappy little junkyard dog, still protecting me fiercely. It has suspicious lesions on it and needs to care for itself but now, more than ever, its ability to filter and process toxins is vital to my existence. The role of the liver in cancer is large. Its ability to protect us from the carcinogens we are exposed to daily on such massive scales could very well be one of the most cru-cial keys as to whether someone gets cancer or not. In Chinese medicine, every organ is paired with another. The liver is paired with the breast. Is it coincidence that the cancer currently attempting to ravage all the other parts of my body is breast cancer?

My little fighter has taken a beating but, for the rest of the body’s sake, must keep plugging away to protect us all. And now I’m subjecting it to unimaginable poisons? My daily potions and rituals include lots of care for him. I bend down to thank him and he licks my hand and wags his tail… my scrappy little junkyard dog.



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