– The devils inside

In addition to detoxifying my body, I had been researching and ingesting substances that cultures around the world have been using for hundreds, if not thousands, of years to combat cancer. Burdock, sheep sorrel, Indian rhubarb, and slippery elm from the Ojibway Indians, pau d’arco from South America, turmeric from India, seaweed from Japan.

Someone handed me a list of kidney, parasite, liver, and colon cleanses from Dr. Hulda Clark from Germany. The list didn’t state that there was an order to the cleanses. I looked at the list of ingredients for some of them (gravel root, uva ursi, marshmallow root, black walnut hull made from green walnuts harvested on the full moon) and wondered where the hell was I going to get that stuff. I decided to try the liver cleanse which consisted of things already in my kitchen… Epsom salts, grapefruit juice, and olive oil.

I followed directions but did not get the desired result of green ‘stones’ expelled from my liver. See, you cleanse your colon first, then do the liver cleanse, then cleanse your colon again, and what comes out next, came from your liver because there is nothing else in your system. I got orange paste. I tried it again (I also had not received the warning that you shouldn’t do these liver cleanses too often). Orange paste again. I found a hotline number for Hulda Clark cleanses and called it.

They told me that I must not have done the parasite cleanse and that I must do it first. By then, I had found a source for an easy parasite cleanse that followed her protocol. It had the three necessary ingredients to kill off all stages of most parasites that infest humans…. black walnut hull, clove, and wormwood. It’s important to take all three because you don’t want to just kill the adults then have the eggs and adolescents survive to reinfest you.

Two pills, 3x a day for two weeks. My son and I were travelling together in Chile. It was one of the rare times when I could monitor what went into his mouth 24/7, so he did it as well. His mood and powers of concentration improved greatly. Natural methods of treating his learning disabilities were always appealing to me.

I did another liver cleanse and still did not get green stones. I did, however, cross into the Twilight Zone. The toilet bowl was full of little transparent leaves! I looked closely (don’t be grossed out, remember that what you are seeing is only from your liver and so it is not ‘poo’) and, the leaves had a seed in the middle of them. I was in a foreign country and wondered what strange vegetable I had been ingesting that had passed through undigested. But how did it end up in my liver? I shook my head, completely confused.

I had ordered Dr. Clark’s book, The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers, before I left. Upon my return, I did my fourth liver cleanse. The next morning, while waiting to see what came out, I started reading the book. She launches right into her theory of cancer. Dr. Hulda Clark and her books have received a lot of criticism. She makes unsubstantiated claims and demonstrates a loose scientific method. But I don’t have a whole lot of faith in published research anyway because it can be so often tainted by ego, greed, and outright deception. She has a clinic in Tijuana because the FDA and AMA will not allow her to ‘practice’ in the United States and I had met people who claimed they were cured. So, I kept my mind open to see what she was saying.

What she said fascinated me. Let me paraphrase. She had never encountered anyone with cancer that didn’t have flukes living in their liver and intestines. Normally, they do not infest humans as they cannot complete their life cycle within us. They need to complete it in the snail. A snail slimes your lettuce and leaves the eggs behind (one reason you should always wash your veggies, even if organic or from your own garden). If one has leaky gut syndrome, the eggs can escape into the blood stream and travel to the liver. If one has a compromised liver, its immune functions are suppressed and they can set up shop and progress to the next stage. Then, egg bodies leave the liver in search of benign growths where immune functions are suppressed (cysts, warts, etc.) and set up for the next phase… reproduction by mitosis or, cell duplication. In order to reproduce, these egg bodies put out a chemical growth factor, called ortho-phospho-tyrosine.

According to Dr. Clark, OPT initiates mitotic cell division which the surrounding human tissue imitates and voila! cancer… uncontrolled cell duplication. That’s interesting, I mused… I had heard of OPT as a tumor marker. Now bear with me, I am not saying that Dr. Clark’s theory of cancer is right… it needs to be tested under scientifically acceptable circumstances. But just listen to my story for a while longer.

I thought, hmmm, that’s interesting, I wonder what these liver flukes look like? I turned the page and there was a drawing of exactly what had come out of my intestines by the hundreds, after my last liver cleanse, after the parasite cleanse! Shaped like a leaf, there was a dark, nuclear body in the center. You can call her a quack all you want, but I had cancer popping up all over and I clearly had had liver flukes so there’s something to her theory.

The Epsom salts called and I was off to see what came out of my liver now that the parasites were gone. Dozens of large, green stones… exactly what I was supposed to find! I chose two of the largest, most beautiful ones and put them in a jewelry box. I took them to a dinner party that night and exhibited the new “emeralds I had purchased in Chile”. Before I could stop her, my friend grabbed them and held them to her ear, exclaiming that they would make beautiful earrings! I explained that they had come out of my intestinal system (granted, a clean intestinal system) so she might not want to do that. (She had no problem returning them to me.)

Some claim that these ‘stones’ are gallstones and contain toxins so it is a powerful way to detox as well as prevent gallstone surgery. Naysayers cry bull and say it is just olive oil. In fact, my ‘stones’ disintegrated into powder and a greasy stain after months. (So much for earrings.)

But, let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water here. The way the liver cleanse works is that the fast and the Epsom salts clean out your intestinal system. The olive oil is a fat, thus processed by your liver and goes straight there. The citrus of the grapefruit acts on the liver like a hand squeezing water from a sponge. So, it seems clear to me that the liver engorges with fat, which then gets squished out through the bile ducts, reaming them (taking toxins with them), and forming little green balls of compressed olive oil. But that’s good, I reasoned.

The reason that my first two liver cleanses had delivered orange paste was that my bile ducts were full of parasites. My liver couldn’t properly deal with the olive oil mixture and was trying to squish out through bile ducts that had been clogged with these vile little parasites that were clinging on like leeches. Ewwww! Now that the little suckers were gone, my bile ducts were clear and my liver was able to process the fats correctly. So, maybe these are gallstones, maybe they aren’t. I mean what is a gallstone? Tests have been done on these little green cleanse balls and some of the same liver enzymes that are found in gallstones have been found.

What difference does it make? Are these cleanses good for you or not? After seeing those flukes? Damn straight I’m glad they are out of me. Whether they caused my cancer or not, I don’t want them in me. How long had they been there? In fact, we are all infested with more parasites than we care to imagine. What other ones did I have? What other health problems could they have been causing? Parasites by definition sap your energy… energy that you could be using for healing.

And, it seems to me that reaming toxins out of our bile ducts so that the liver can function properly would be a good thing, too. We change the bag on our vacuum cleaners when they get full to keep it working properly, don’t we? Clean out the hoses? A well-functioning liver is vital to our overall health and certainly when healing.

So how does one get leaky gut syndrome? Again, this is a condition that is difficult to find information on in the realm of western medicine but is talked about quite a lot in nutritional and alternative medicine sources. Many things can cause it and many conditions are linked to it… from autism to arthritis. Basically, the theory behind it is that toxins and pathogens such as allergens (gluten, for example), vaccinations and Candida overgrowth can cause the intestinal lining to become permeable to large molecules, allowing toxins, pathogens and nutrients to leak directly into the blood stream through a path they are not intended to pass through.

In my case, I had done a certain intestinal cleanse a couple of years earlier and had drastic results. I doubled over in pain from intense stomach cramps. I felt so gassy that if you pricked me with a pin I would fly around the room like a balloon. It was so severe that I was completely incapacitated. Luckily, I had some antacids and it calmed enough for me to call the cleanse hotline. They told me that I must have had a massive Candida overgrowth and that the cleanse was killing it. As the yeast was dying, it was off-gassing. I was told to expect black tar in my stool and if that were so, it would be evidence of the amount of Candida that had been lining my intestine for years. When I saw the black tar that did come out, I was glad that I had done the cleanse, in spite of the pain I endured.

My current regimen to maintain my health (and, hopefully, my NED status) includes cleansing twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. I do a parasite cleanse concurrent with a Candida cleanse, and then I follow it with a liver cleanse and a week of coffee enemas.

It is recommended that you cleanse your kidney first, or at least support it as many of the toxins you are releasing will go to your kidney for processing so you want it be be functioning well. I use a product called Michael’s Kidney Factors, available at your health for store. Check the web for reviews. The ones I’ve seen are good and my body seems to like it.

The product I use for parasite cleansing is probably available at your health food store and is available on-line Kroeger Herb – Wormwood Combination. It has all three of the herbs you need… wormwood, clove, and black walnut hull. Two pills, three times a day for about two weeks. Use the leftovers to give your pets because if you don’t de-parasitize them, you’ll probably get them back.

If you’d like to Candida cleanse at the same time, give up all sugar and high-glycemic-index products (this means no alcohol or pasta or bread, etc.) during this time and drink Pau d’Arco tea (kills Candida) and aloe vera juice (heals intestinal lining) daily. Follow with the liver cleanse that I will be posting soon.

Disclaimer: Please do not try the liver cleanse based on the information I have provided thus far. It can be dangerous if not done properly. Please see my post on Organ Cleanses. I will be posting more info on Candida cleansing, gluten sensitivity, and healing leaky gut as well. As always, this is not medical advice. I am not a doctor. I am simply sharing what I did and do and why. Best wishes on the path you choose.



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