– Is it cost-effective for me to live?

Really interesting verbiage here. This is how the doctors talk to each other when they don’t know that we are listening (from the medical journal Oncology). See, Perjeta is highly effective in that it has boosted survival rates tremendously, it’s just not “cost-effective” because it has extended our lives so much that we get so much treatment and it’s going to bankrupt the system. I agree the costs are out of control and something needs to be done. I just bristle a bit when they imply that saving/extending my life is perhaps not “cost-effective”. What do you think?

Oncology Journal: Pertuzumab not cost-effective…




  1. Sallie jones

    I did perjeta, herceptin, carbo and texotere
    And after 2 chemos my tumor was gone. When
    I had my mastectomy they took 6 nodes all
    negative. I was diagnosed with Her2positive
    stage 4. Been in remission for 18 months
    now. Cost should not matter.

  2. Sharon Sims

    I am so confused, every human life is priceless. How can there be cost effective correlation to priceless?

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