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We think nothing of changing the filters in our cars every few thousand miles, cleaning our pool filters, emptying our vacuum cleaner bags, etc. If we don’t do the same for our bodies, by midlife we are walking bags of toxins. Toxins interfere with our bodies’ ability to maintain good health. I believe that we benefit by emptying our toxin filters and detoxifying our bodies. This is even more important when you are fighting something as serious as cancer and especially if you are subjecting yourself to the toxins of western medicine. In My Scrappy Little Junkyard Dog post, I pay homage to my liver and stress the importance of making it happy.

When I was actively fighting cancer and getting chemo and radiation, I did the following cleanses at the start of treatment and did coffee enemas once a week, the night before chemo. I also took lots of greens such as spirulina and chlorella, barley greens, etc. to clear the radiation. I was able to withstand an inordinate amount of chemo and radiation with no apparent lingering side effects.

Now that I am NED, but still living under the shadow of Stage IV cancer (the Snarling Wolf), I do the following 2x/year… in  the fall and in the spring. I have included links to sources for ordering the products although your local health food store may have these. I am not affiliated with these sources in any way… they are simply the ones I’ve used that work for me.

While cleansing…

  • Eat organic, avoid toxins, eat raw, and juice when you can.
  • Take a vacation from alcohol, sugar, wheat, coffee, corn. Eat whole, unprocessed food.
  • Filter your water and drink green tea.

Cleanse in the right order…

It is very important that you cleanse in the right order so that the toxins can freely leave your body instead of getting stopped up somewhere and being reabsorbed. Support your kidneys so that the toxins you free up can leave the body efficiently. Get rid of parasites as well as heavy metals which create an anaerobic environment where parasites thrive and will come back. Heal your intestinal system so that toxins leave the body and nutrients go where they are supposed to.

* Getting rid of mercury and other heavy metals. Heavy metals create an anaerobic bioterrain, one where parasites and cancer can thrive. Cilantro and curry are natural chelators… they bind to metals so your body can expel them. The greens I mentioned above help. I’ve also used this oral chelator supplement.

* Supporting your kidneys. Your health food store will have kidney cleanses (they should contain uva ursi, gravel root, marshmallow root, etc.) but if you feel you don’t need an actual kidney cleanse you can support your kidneys with pure organic cranberry juice (the unsweetened kind, no sweeteners, you can mix it with club soda if drinking it straight is too intense for you) and a product called Michael’s Kidney Factors and/or this kidney cleanse tea.

* Getting rid of parasites. If you haven’t already done so, read The Devils Inside post. It will demonstrate the importance of cleansing the parasites before the liver. A good, affordable, easy-to-use product is Wormwood Combination. Any product you use must have black walnut hull, cloves, and wormwood to effectively kill all stages of the parasites at once so they don’t reproliferate. It is a 2 week process (2 pills, 3x a day until bottle is gone).

* Healing your intestinal tract. Candida is a yeast-like, parasitic fungus that lives in our mouths and intestines and can get out of control and cause all sorts of health problems. It is highly correlated with cancer occurrence. Overgrowth in the intestinal tract can cause leaky gut syndrome where toxins, nutrients, and parasite eggs can get passed directly and inappropriately into the blood stream. When you are undergoing chemo and radiation, you face the danger of developing Thrush, which is basically a Candida overgrowth in your throat. When I started to develop it (even though I was rinsing with salt every day as the doctors suggested), I did a Candida cleanse and I never developed it… the beginning symptoms went away.

If you want to know if you have a Candida problem, you can do the spit test… Take a glass of room temperature water and spit into it. Come back and look at it 15 minutes later. If there are “clouds” or long, stringy trails, than you do. Supposedly the spit test has been debunked but whenever I start having symptoms of Candida overgrowth (craving sugar, irritable gut, skin and nail issues, fatigue), my spit has tails and, after a cleanse and the symptoms have gone away… no tails.

Pau d’arco is the bark of a South American tree which kills candida. Drink tea from the loose bark everyday (while stopping sugar, alcohol, wheat, etc. which feed candida). It is bitter but can be made more palatable by mixing it with a fruity herb tea. Do NOT sweeten it as that will feed the Candida. As the Candida dies, It will say “FEED mE” and you may have sugar cravings like never before. Be strong, don’t give in. It gets easier. Aloe vera juice helps to heal your intestinal lining after the candida is gone. Put it in smoothies/juice or drink it straight daily.

Liver Cleanse

Note: If you are actively doing a cytotoxic chemotherapy, such as Afinitor, Ibrance, or Tykerb (research the drug that you are on), there may be a warning about ingesting grapefruit or grapefruit juice while undergoing treatment. That is because, apparently it can increase the plasma concentrations of the chemotherapy and can increase the side effects. I have not found any warning for other types of citrus except that if you have mouth sores as a side effect of chemo, it will make them sting. My feeling is that if you are having mouth sores as a side effect, you probably have a Candida overgrowth in your throat and mouth (see above) and you should be getting rid of Candida, doing coconut oil pulling, and gargling with salt water. Any citrus will work in the cleanse below to make your liver contract and produce bile. If you would like to cleanse your liver and are worried about the citrus connection, consider doing coffee enemas They are part of the Gerson Therapy protocol.

Please read The Devils Inside as it will give you an idea of how important this cleanse can be, what to expect, and how it works. You need epsom salts, organic grapefruit, organic olive oil.

* The day of cleanse, eat a non-fat breakfast and lunch, don’t eat after 2. (it works best for me to eat a nonfat dinner the night before and only juice and water day of cleanse).

* Make Epsom salt mixture (4 T Epsom salts, 3 cups hot water, dissolve, giving you 4 three-quarter cup doses).

* 4pm take 1st dose of Epsom salts mixture, be near a bathroom

* 6 pm take 2nd dose

* 9:45 pm make your cleanse mixture… squeeze 1-2 organic grapefruits to create about a cup of juice, put in shaker jar with 3/4 cup organic olive oil, shake shake shake

* 10pm, down the mixture, lay down on your right side for the night, fetal position

* Take 3rd Epsom dose upon waking. 2 hrs later, take the 4th.

Note what comes out in the morning. You cleared your colon the night before, so this is all from the liver and the grapefruit juice and olive oil. A successful cleanse yields smooth emerald-colored “stones”. They aren’t really stones, they are toxins in olive oil, basically. The olive oil engorges the liver, the citrus squeezes it and forces it through the bile ducts, reaming them and scraping toxins out.

As always, I am only sharing my path. I am not a medical doctor and nothing I say should be construed as medical advice. Research organ cleanses before you give them a try. Note that western medicine sources will most likely say that there is no benefit and may even be dangerous while naturopathic sources make possibly exaggerated claims of benefits. If you read The Devils Inside post, I think you will understand why I found cleanses effective. The fact that in October, 2012, no western medical doctor thought that I would live beyond 2 months on their treatment plan and that I am now NED with no residual side effects of the intense chemo and radiation that I did, shows me that my protocol was good for me. You must follow a path that resonates with you. Bless you all on the path you choose.




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