Post #6: Electromagnetic Radiation and Cancer


Highlights from the International Integrative Oncology Conference – San Diego, April 2016

presentation by Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S., NCMP, PhD

We are surrounded by ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs) in our homes, school, workplaces, and outside, from cell phone and towers, power lines and smart meters, wi-fi routers, etc. Even out hybrid vehicles with Bluetooth communication. They have found to be potent co-carcinogens with toxic chemicals, such as plastics, pesticides, sunscreens, and fragrances which also permeate our lives. Together they cause more cell disruption than on their own. They create biochemical changes related to many disease conditions, but in regards to cancer those changes include:

• low oxygen (exposed red blood cells collapse and stick together)
• high blood sugar (blood sugar increases in exposed cells)
• toxins leaking into brain and blood (bllod brain barrier is compromised)
• DNA damage
• Increased free radicals
• Oxidative stress (EMFs cause oxidative damage to platelets)
• Suppressed and unbalanced immune system (alters the balance of Tcells)

A 10-year study in Brazil found that cancer deaths increased as a function of proximity to a cell tower that one lived. The data on cell phone usage finds that using a cell phone for more than 10 years doubles the risk of brain tumors on the side of the head the phone is used. Radiations are cumulative and the highest risk comes after 400 hours of use. A relationship between breast cancer and women who talked for hours with their cell phone in their bra was found in a 2013 study. EMFs cause more damage to immature cells and they are less likely to self repair, implying that children may be more at risk. In fact, children who start using a cell phone before the age of 20 have increased cancer rates.

Recommendations to protect against EMFs include:
• Ground yourself by laying on the ground, walking barefoot on natural surfaces, sleeping on grounding sheets, or working on grounding mats to repair radiation damage.
• Wear natural fiber clothes as synthetics attract static electricity.
• Eat a diet high in anti-oxidants – Vitamins C, E, and D, beta glucans, Ginkgo Biloba.
• Reduce your exposure – no smart meters, keep cell phone as far away from you at all times as is possible, go back to wired Internet and phones, and remove clocks, TVs, cell phones, computers, and wifi routers from your immediate sleeping area.
• Use a leather case for your cell phone and tablet.

My notes
I bought a cheap EMF, ELF, and RF detector from Amazon and walked around my house. Everything was predictable and I guess that means what we’ve heard is true. The radiation coming from my clock radio was surprisingly intense up to 18 inches away. Luckily, it is not on my bedside stand, it is across the room. I spend my days surrounded by computers and they predictably set off the alarms but I was pleased to see that the radiation dramatically decreased 8 inches away and I keep myself about 2 feet away. However, my habit of watching my ipad or my laptop when I go to bed is obviously not a good one as they set off alarms nearly as intense as my cell phone. They don’t have cell service so that is just from the Internet and power. I tried it with a pillow mat and the radiation coming from the bottom to my lap was greatly reduced.

The most disappointing was the alarms set off by my dimmer switches for lights. I have all the lamps in the room connected to a dimmer switch that I can reach from my bed without having to get up. It hangs by my head as I read or use my computers at night and it puts out a surprising amount of radiation. So I went around and checked all dimmer switches and, sure enough, those light switches and lamps with built-in dimmers emitted far more radiation than those without, but only when on. A nice surprise was that I couldn’t detect any alarming radiation from my wireless router.

I’m not getting rid of anything (luckily I don’t have a smart meter) but I am finding ways to increase distance from those things that have strong radiation, turn off devices when not used, and increase layers of protection when possible. I think it’s good to be aware and make changes when you can.


This post is part of a series covering the Highlights of the International Integrative Oncology Conference – San Diego, April 2016. Click for more posts.

I attended the 14th annual International Integrative Oncology Conference in San Diego as well as the accompanying Answers for Cancer Summit. The former is directed towards integrative oncologists and other cancer care professionals and the latter is for patients, caregivers, and other “laymen” interested in integrative therapies. It is put on by Annie Brandt, a 15-year cancer survivor and founder of the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation (www.thebestanswerforcancer.org) and I was truly impressed by the credentials of the presenters and the quality of the information presented. Truthfully I was a little over my head at times during the professionals conference as they bandied about acronyms faster than I could Google. Although they presented slide upon slide on medical research, I am not including the complete references for the most part because of the time required. I am only providing highlights, and only of subjects I deemed relevant to our day-to-day lives as cancer patients. I have tried to translate into laymen’s terms and provide just enough information so that you can research more fully on subjects that interest you. I encourage you to discuss these subjects with your oncologist. It was very comforting and refreshing to be surrounded by doctors and health professionals who absolutely understand the role of diet and lifestyle in fighting this devastating disease and incorporate this knowledge into their oncology practices.

Disclaimer: Nothing contained on this website should be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor. I am a Stage IV breast cancer thriver who is currently NED/NAD and simply sharing what I did, and do, and why. Please research anything I share to determine if it is a good path for you. Bless you all on the path you choose.





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