Question #4: How do I take Cannabis for maximum healing?


There are many ways to ingest or apply Cannabis to receive its healing benefits. One should factor in the following when deciding one’s treatment plan:

  • Quality of source
  • Ratio of cannabinoids
  • Dosing
  • Delivery method

Important Note: I am not a doctor nor am I a professional Cannabis caregiver or producer of Cannabis products. I heartily recommend you consult your doctor and/or medical marijuana professionals before embarking on your path. I am simply giving you an overview of the issues and what I and others have done and recommended so that you can properly research to determine your own path.


Quality of Source

If you are suffering from a dis-ease condition, your immune system has been and is being overwhelmed and needs you to support it if you are going to manage your health successfully (see Question #2: Does Cannabis kill cancer?). Some of the things that overwhelm your immune system are pesticides. Another is mold. You want to be sure the source material used in your product is free of those and other contaminants. A reputable source will have tested its material and post the findings.


Ratio of cannabinoids

As I discussed in the previous posts in this series (see Cannabis and Cancer), there are around 100 cannabinoids and 500 natural compounds in the Cannabis plant. Although, much more research needs to be done, all of them have been found to have healing benefits. Further, the Entourage Effect demonstrates that the whole is more than the sum of the parts because they work best when taken together. Thus, I believe that a whole plant product will bring more healing benefits than a synthetically reproduced or chemically extracted isolate.

Question #3: What is the difference between different kinds of Cannabis? discussed many of these cannabinoids and compounds and their healing properties. Again, a good source will have tested the ratio of these and post them with the product. The most prominent ratio posted is between THC and CBD because those are the most studied cannabinoids. They exist in Cannabis in an inverse ratio. If a strain is high in THC, it will be low in CBD, and vice versa. THC is psychoactive and CBD is not. Further, CBD works to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC by competing for the same receptors. (see Question #1: Is Cannabis good for my body? to learn about the Endocannabinoid System that exists in our bodies and regulates many physiological systems to maintain homeostasis).

There are cannabis healing advocates that insist that the only way to get the healing benefits of Cannabis is to have a very high ratio of THC:CBD. As the research presented in my previous posts in this series has shown, all of the cannabinoids convey healing benefits. Because they contain less than .3% THC, high-CBD products are legal in all 50 states and can be shipped legally. If CBD products are all that are available to you or if the psychoactive effects of THC are not desirable to you, I believe there is value in using them.

The quality of the source (free of contaminants and using the whole plant) is important though, and it is true that there are products out there that could be useless and/or bad for you. Stay tuned for future posts in this series for tips in finding sources, including making your own.

I got rid of 4 brain tumors using a high-CBD tincture lovingly made for me using quality product by professionals based on the strain Desert Frost. Since THC and CBD heal in complementary ways I do believe that having THC is more beneficial than not. I now make my own tincture using Cannabis I grew myself that has a much higher THC content.



Personally, I determine my own dosing depending on the product I am using. In the process of beating my Stage 4 terminal cancer down to NED status (No Evidence of Disease) and maintaining it (fingers crossed, please), I employed an intensive naturopathic protocol (see What I did and do and why) of which cannabis is just a part. I became very in tune with my body and I ask my body all the time (kinesiology, or muscle testing) which substances it wants and how much of it. The amount of wisdom your higher healing self (subconscious) knows about how best you can heal yourself is truly amazing. I urge you, in your time of healing, to cultivate your awareness of your body and access this wisdom. Start out with recommendations from experts but always monitor and adjust, based on what your developing intuition is telling you. I believe in you.

One safe way to proceed is to start out with micro-doses and work your way up. Here is an excellent article on micro-dosing that discusses this approach… The Art and Science of Cannabis Microdosing.

Milligrams vs, Milliliters…

Milliliters measures a volume whereas Milligrams measures the amount of actual cannabinoids contained in that volume. Since concentration of cannabinoids within a given liquid or other form of delivery can vary between products, it is important that you are aware of the total number of milligrams you will be ingesting. The best person to make a recommendation on dosing is the manufacturer of the product or their (hopefully) well-informed distributor.

Most experts advise to work up to 1 Gram or 1,000 MG of Cannabinoids per day to be most effective against cancer and other serious dis-ease conditions. With CBD alone this could be very costly so people will generally use both THC & CBD to cut down on cost. For example they might do 500 MG of CBD & 500 MG of THC or 700 MG of CBD & 300 MG of THC. Note that medical marijuana products that contain THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, are currently illegal under federal law (currently not enforced or prosecuted in states that have legal marijuana. Medical marijuana is legal in 28 states. Stay tuned for the next post, Question #5: Is Cannabis legal?).

One could start with 50-100 MG of CBD a day for week 1, 100-200 MG of CBD for week 2, 200-400 MG for week 3 and so on until you are at a Milligram amount of CBD that you can afford. Rule of thumb: listen to your body. If you are at a certain level and doing well and then titrate your dosage up and have any undesirable affects then drop your dosage back down to what you were at originally for another week and then try to go up again. Most people do fine with the working up the dosage on a weekly basis. But you will know best. If your condition is serious and you do not experience undesirable effects, you may wish to accelerate your schedule.


Delivery Method


Hand pipes, water pipes (bongs), and hookahs are all ways to smoke raw Cannabis. Smoking potentially releases harmful toxins into your lungs during combustion and you may wish to vaporize instead. Vaporizers steadily heat herbs and concentrates to a temperature that releases the cannabinoids but not the toxins. Dabbing is a form of vaporizing. If concentrates are used, it is important to consider the method of concentration to ensure they don’t contain ingredients that could be toxic for you.

Oral/Rectal Ingestion…

If you wish to avoid any health risks from smoking, then tinctures, oils, and edibles are used for oral consumption and suppositories are used for rectal ingestion.

Tinctures are extracted and delivered using a solvent (most commonly 80+ proof alcohol, but also glycerol or vinegar). They are generally placed under the tongue for absorption into the bloodstream. Sublingual ingestion is generally considered to be the most effective way to make cannabinoids bioavailable.

Oils are produced when the cannabinoids are extracted with a solvent and reduced to a highly concentrated tar or sludge. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is produced this way and many times placed in a syringe for dosing in rice-grain-sized amounts. One can ingest orally as is, or placed in a gelatin capsule for oral or rectal consumption.

Ingesting Cannabis concentrates rectally is a very efficient method in terms of bioavailabilty of the cannabinoids. There are those that claim that rectal consumption allows one to avoid psychoactive effects while others tell of getting very stoned from rectal consumption. Further, there are those that argue that if, in fact, it is a method of avoiding psychoactivity that means the cannabinoids are not crossing the blood brain barrier and would then be ineffective at combatting brain cancer or metastases. But it is also argued that the body converts the cannabinoids differently orally vs. rectally which makes the psychoactivity vary but that the healing effects are equivalent. Suffice to say that I have not tried it rectally, I think the issue has not been resolved, and it is an excellent example of why we need full legalization so that the appropriate studies can be conducted.

Edibles are basically the creation of food products containing Cannabis. They can be created using a concentration of cannabinoids that have been infused in an edible fat such as butter (cannabutter), olive oil or coconut oil. Or one can simply cook with raw Cannabis or use a previously produced tincture or oil in your recipes.

Raw Cannabis conveys many nutritional and health benefits as well and can be juiced. As I explained in Question #3: What is the difference between different kinds of Cannabis?, raw Cannabis has not had heat applied to it, thus has not been decarboxylated and different forms of the cannabinoids are present as well as nutrients that go away with heat conversion. Most notably, raw cannabis is basically non-psychoactive. Although, I have personally experienced slight psychoactivity (basically a feeling of spaciness and inability to concentrate) from juicing raw cannabis so perhaps my digestive system is decarboxylating THCa to some extent.

Topical Application…

Many cannabinoids convey anti-inflammatory and analgesic healing benefits, thus relief from pain and swelling can be obtained by topical application. Skin conditions as fungus or skin cancer can be treated this way as well. Concentrated, active cannabinoids are suspended in shea butter or coconut oil, for example, and can be used as a salve or an oil to apply topically.


My preferred method

  • I live in a state where medical and recreational marijuana are both legal.
  • I grow my own Cannabis so that I can control the strain and minimize exposure to contaminants.
  • I am on a budget.
  • I don’t like to be high and yet I wish to ingest some THC so that I get a balance of healing cannabinoids. I do not get my CO tested so I don’t know the exact ratio or concentration.
  • I don’t want to inhale smoke or any potentially toxic side effects into my lungs.
  • I make my own Cannabis oil so that I can control solvents.
  • I suspend the concentration in organic hemp oil in order to dilute it. (I use hemp oil because I figure it’s a family reunion of cannabinoids that will joyfully work together to heal me. This is my own cute (it is, isn’t it?) fantasy. It makes sense to me but I have not found science to support it, other than the Entourage Effect.)
  • I take the oil orally every night before bed. I take a few drops because that is what my body likes. If I take it and go to sleep right away, I may have crazy dreams but I will sleep very well. I may be a little groggy in the morning if I have to get up early but I will be fully productive throughout the day. If I make the mistake of taking too much and staying up too long before trying to sleep, it may be too late…. I may be too high to go to sleep and I keep wishing for the merry-go-round to stop so that I can get off. : )
Stay tuned to this series and I will share my method for growing and making my own cannabis oil. You may subscribe to this blog on the right -> if you would like to receive email notifications when I make a new post.


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My relationship to Cannabis and Cancer…

In 2012, I lost the use of my legs and one arm and, with tumors crushing my vertebrae and pelvis and present in my liver, lungs, and lymph system, I was not expected to walk again and given just weeks to live. Her2+ breast cancer had metastasized profusely. I employed western medicine and an intensive naturopathic regimen and I got through that, thinking perhaps they were wrong and that I would live a long life. Then, a year later, they found 9 leptomeningeal brain tumors and again gave me just weeks to live. Western medicine didn’t have much to offer… I refused WBR, whole brain radiation, and the chemotherapy that crossed the blood-brain-barrier was highly toxic and shut my organs down. I read that Cannabis crosses the BBB and kills cancer so I took large amounts of CBD oil and a couple of other naturopathic things (see My Brain Metastases) and three weeks later, four of the nine tumors were gone without a trace. I now take a more balanced ratio of THC and CBD at night in a tincture for maintenance. I have been NED (no evidence of disease) since May 2014.

I am so very intrigued by the knowledge I have gained about the healing powers of Cannabis but so very frustrated by the lack of real data because of it’s legal status. I field so many questions that I can’t completely and truthfully answer, so I decided to present what I have been able to learn in the context of those questions. I do not profess to be “right” as the absolute truth of so much of this is truly not known yet. I have tried to gather valid scientific sources, compelling anecdotal success stories, and a list of resources for you to learn more.


Disclaimer: Nothing contained on this website should be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor. I am a Stage IV breast cancer thriver who is currently NED/NAD and simply sharing what I did, and do, and why. Please research anything I share to determine if it is a good path for you. Bless you all on the path you choose.

All original content contained on this web site, What I did and do and why, is copyrighted, 2015,2016 Kaiulani Facciani.



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  1. An Kang Le

    Thank You Very Much Kaiulani Facciani 🙂

    I Had methatesis breast cancers, and about 6 months ago i was trying using Cannabis oil for about 2 weeks. I could not continue because i become not function, depressed…

    The main reasons are i have no support, and not sure about Cannabis and how to apply it.

    You provide me very good information, i live in vancouver canada, and i think i will take Cannabis again to cure my from cancers… just have to find a good supply like you mentioned…

    Thanks again, and may you be healthy and happy 🙂

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