– Top ten naturopathic steps to take immediately


Because of significant success with my own healing, I field frantic requests from people who have been recently diagnosed. “What do I do first?” they ask. “You have a lot of work ahead of you”, I reply. “Pace yourself, believe in yourself, take charge of your healing, do your research, choose the path that honors you, and commit to it.” To be a little more helpful, here are the top ten things I feel make a big difference in everyone’s ability to heal on Day 1.

  1. Breathe deeply, reduce stress, and meditate on beauty
  2. Eat organic and focus on a plant-based diet
  3. Exercise and ingest bone broth
  4. Test for nutrients and toxins – reduce iron, ingest Vitamin D?
  5. Avoid sugar, alcohol, and processed foods, eat fresh and whole
  6. Do parasite and Candida cleanses, and possibly a liver cleanse
  7. Ingest greens, medicinal mushrooms, fish oil, melatonin & cannabinoids
  8. Dental health – resolve any dental and periodontal issues
  9. Digestive health – Care for your microbiome
  10. Believe in your ability to heal and take charge of your healing

All of these are relevant to healing from any injury or chronic disease. If the path you choose involves toxic western treatments, it is essential you support and protect your struggling, healing body.

Breathe deeply, reduce stress, and meditate on beauty
In order to heal, you must bring your body into balance. It is currently out of balance because of stressors in your environment… whether the daily stress of your busy life, emotional stress from unresolved issues, anxiety caused by recent injury/surgery/diagnosis, or stress from toxins, pathogens, and genetic predispositions. Meditation, exercise, and acupuncture recommended. Making changes to your routine and avoiding toxic relationships also recommended.

Eat organic and focus on a plant-based diet
If you are ill, your immune system is overwhelmed and not doing it’s job properly. Chances are it is overloaded with environmental toxins and not getting the proper nutrition. Not only does organic farming not use carcinogenic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers that stress your immune system, it is designed to maximize the nutritional benefit of food crops.

I’m not saying no meat or animal products, but the higher the proportion of plants to animals you ingest in your diet, the healthier you will be. If you do ingest animal products… absolutely no processed meats, avoid red meat, minimize dairy, and eat only organic (or at least raised without antibiotics and hormones). Digesting animal products can be hard work for your digestive system as well. Bone broth is an excellent way to get the nutritional benefits from meat without stressing an already taxed system.

Exercise and ingest bone broth

Bone marrow is key here. It is our immune system factory, making white blood cells and may be decimated by cancer. It is definitely decimated by chemo and radiation. The best two naturopathic ways to build bone marrow are exercise (which has recently been identified as the number 1 lifestyle factor in good health) and bone broth.

Test for nutrients and toxins
Ask your doctor AND your naturopathic healer to test you for imbalances of BOTH toxins and nutrients… blood, urine, hair… whatever they offer. Insist on an iron panel from your doctor, including Ferretin, because iron is both a toxin and a nutrient and plays a very significant, but not widely known, role in cancer and other chronic disease conditions. You want to be on the low end of the “normal” range for both. Test for iodine and D3 and supplement if deficient.

Avoid sugar, alcohol, and processed foods… eat fresh and whole
Sugar, and food that easily converts to sugar, feed Candida and cancer and suppress your immune system. In addition to basically being sugar, alcohol is a toxin, stresses your liver, and promotes cancer. Your body evolved (or was designed, depending on your view) over millennia to eat the foods nature provides.

Do parasite and Candida cleanses and, possibly a liver cleanse
We all have parasites… way more than we like to think about. They play a causal and correlational role in many disease conditions, including cancer. At the very least, they stress your body and sap you of energy you need for healing. Candida is a parasite of sorts and compromises many systems. Candida overgrowth can cause leaky gut syndrome, allowing toxins, parasites, and nutrients to enter the bloodstream in ways that do not serve you well. Liver health is extremely important to detoxifying your body, fighting disease, and healing.

Ingest greens, medicinal mushrooms, melatonin, fish oil, & cannabinoids
Spirulina, chlorella, seaweed, algae, barley greens, wheatgrass are examples of superfoods that provide much-needed nutrients and detoxify radiation. Reishi, Chagas, Lionsmane, Cordyceps, Turkeytail, Shiitake, and Maitake mushrooms are just a few species of mushrooms that have immune-boosting, cancer-killing properties containing beta glucans which, in addition to boosting immunity, have been shown to increase the efficacy of some immunotherapies. Melatonin inhibits cancer and increases sleep. Fish oil strengthens the immune system. Our bodies have within us a system of receptors (the Endocannabinoid system) that react to cannabinoids to regulate our immune system and fight disease. Cannabis contains many different cannabinoids that fight cancer very effectively and crosses the blood-brain barrier which can be an incredible advantage.

Resolve any dental and periodontal issues
The health of our teeth and gums is intertwined with our overall health. My largest brain tumor disappeared without a trace within 3 weeks of removing a root canal tooth that was nearby. A chronic infection with no symptoms was revealed. Chronic infections suppress immunity, allowing cancer to thrive.

Care for your microbiome
Less than 8% of the DNA in our bodies is human. The rest is from microorganisms that determine, among other things, what we eat, how we digest, immunity, and how we heal. After killing the parasites and Candida, ingest aloe vera juice for healing and high-quality probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Believe in your ability to heal and take charge of your healing
Of the hundreds of things that I did (western and naturopathic), the one thing I know was necessary to accomplish my miracles, was to believe in myself. I believed that I could heal myself, that I was not going to die as they said I would, and I took charge of every step of my healing.



Disclaimer: Nothing contained on this website should be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor. I am a Stage IV breast cancer thriver who is currently NED/NAD and simply sharing what I did, and do, and why. Please research anything I share to determine if it is a good path for you. Bless you all on the path you choose.

All original content contained on this web site, What I did and do and why, is copyrighted, 2015,2016, 2017 Kaiulani Facciani.



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