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“Accidents happen. That’s what everyone says. But in a quantum

universe there are no such things as accidents, only possibilities

and probabilities folded into existence by perception.”

– J. Michael Straczynski, (as Dr. Manhattan)

Everyone is looking for a silver bullet for cancer. In my humble opinion, there will never be a single “cure” for cancer as there is not a single cause. My path has taken me far and wide on my journey with cancer and healing. I have defied dire prognoses and lived past my expiration date (twice) and have been “No Evidence of Active Disease” since May 2014. Tumors populated every vertebrae of my spine, my pelvis, lungs, liver, and lymph. Then brain metastases were discovered… worse… they were leptomeningeal, which has a particularly poor survival rate. I employed intensive regimes of both western medicine and naturopathic protocols and am firmly convinced I needed BOTH to accomplish these miracles. Although western medicine has definitely contributed to my success, the western medical establishment cannot explain it. They are flabbergasted, dumbfounded, and at a loss to explain my miraculous “recovery”. Since I have been actively involved in every step of my healing, I have come to my own conclusions about my reasons for getting cancer as well as why I have survived against all odds. It boils downs to three basic questions…

  • What is cancer?
  • Why do we get cancer?
  • How can we control cancer?


What is cancer?

Cancer is a normal part of the aging process. Autopsies show microscopic cancers to be present in breasts in 40% of women between 40 and 50, and in prostates in 50% of men between 50 and 60. By 70, microscopic cancers are detected in the thyroids of virtually everyone. Most tumors never become clinically significant.

Cancer is a natural evolution to a changing environment. It manifests from our bodies’ inability to deal with deviation that can give cancer the upper hand.

Cancer is a symptom of a system out of balance. One doesn’t “get” cancer, its something the body does in reaction to systems being out of balance. It “cancers”.

Cancer is a “seed” that requires a fertile soil to grow in. Our bodies’ environment, or “bioterrain”, can either be hospitable to cancer, or hostile to it.


Why do we get cancer?

There is no single cause. Rather, there are many factors that can combine to create a “perfect storm” that allows cancer to thrive. The simple fact is… if you have cancer, your immune system was not up to the task of protecting you from the bombardment of cancer cells that we all face every day.

The devastating havoc we are wreaking on the planet on a macroscopic scale is manifesting on a microscopic scale in our bodies by the proliferation of chronic diseases. Most cancers are avoidable and result from an immune system that has been overwhelmed by toxins. The British Medical Journal estimated that 75 percent of most cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors, including exposure to chemicals. The American Cancer society reports that nearly half of all cancer deaths can be blamed on unhealthy behavior. A study published in Nature, concludes that extrinsic factors are contribute more significantly to cancer risks than intrinsic factors. Carcinogens, pathogens, genetic mutations, hormones, and, yes, even emotions, all can be toxic. Yes, genetics play a role, but the burgeoning field of epigenetics shows that genetics only express if other factors are favorable. It is possible to control the factors that encourage a genetic mutation to express or not. Your diet, lifestyle, and environment are such factors.

We are surrounded by substances, including those hormones that emotions can foster, that have been shown in either a correlative or causal relationship with cancer. While one agent, such as a particular toxin or genetic mutation, may appear to be sufficient to cause cancer in some, we all know a story of some old lady who has chain smoked all her life and has never had cancer. Some wish to draw the conclusion then that smoking doesn’t cause cancer. Or that alcohol, sugar, pesticides, or any of the myriad substances that are said to cause cancer couldn’t possibly because they don’t in everybody.

Perhaps a better way to look at it is as a “toxicity threshold” that is reached for cancer to thrive. And that the threshold varies from person to person, depending on genetics, diet, strength of their immune system, etc. If person A has a genetic mutation making them susceptible to cancer AND they smoke AND drink alcohol AND eat a diet high in processed meats and refined sugars AND lead a very high-stress lifestyle without employing healthy ways to relieve that stress AND ingest pesticides and other carcinogens, then the likelihood that they will pass the toxicity threshold will be higher than person B who has the same genetic predisposition to cancer but does not share the same environmental or lifestyle exposures. Person A will have created a bioterrain where cancer can thrive, and it most likely will. On the other hand, if person C has a genetic mutation that actually protects against cancer but they indulge in an unhealthy, toxic lifestyle, they may be more likely to “cancer”, in spite of the genetic protection, than Person D who has the same protection but supports their immune system through diet and lifestyle.

In addition to environmental toxins, reproductive and stress hormones and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria can contribute to creating a bioterrain that is receptive to cancer. All these factors can suppress the immune system, inhibiting our bodies’ natural ability to keep the invader at bay. Think of our immune system as our “forcefield” and cancer as a Klingon warship and all these genetic mutations, environmental toxins, imbalanced hormones, stress, and other toxic substances are capable of combining to disable our forcefield. The Klingons (cancer) are constantly bombarding that forcefield and most of the time the blasts explode outside the forcefield, causing no harm. But as soon as the forcefield weakens and a blast gets through, the forcefield is damaged further, more missiles get through, and it’s a spiral into destruction.

No two people get cancer for the same reason. We all have our own perfect storm. Everyone goes out of balance in different ways for different reasons. If you have cancer, the key is to discover the perfect storm that contributed to your cancer. You are best qualified to do that. My perfect storm consisted of a genetic predisposition to iron overload, a chronic infection from a root canal suppressing my immune system, and allowing stress to take over. Addressing all three have played major roles in my recovery and both western medicine and naturopathic protocol have aided me.


How can we control cancer?

I’ve been using metaphors here willy nilly…. bioterrains, perfect storms, toxicity thresholds, Star Trek space battles. Let me tie them all together…

Reaching a toxicity threshold can contribute to a perfect storm
that creates a bioterrain that weakens the forcefield which lets the
cancer we are bombarded with every day to penetrate and thrive.

Our bodies are perfectly designed to do their job… achieve homeostasis under every condition it faces. But we have to empower it, not shackle it. Like most dis-ease states, cancer manifests when a number of factors contribute to a body’s systems becoming overwhelmed and out of balance.

Cancer survives in three ways… by getting around the body’s natural programmed cell death mechanisms (apoptosis), by creating its own blood supply to feed tumors (angiogenesis), and by colonizing other parts of the body (metastasis, nobody dies from cancer in the breast, we die when it travels to populate vital organs). Our own immune system and many naturopathic remedies fight all three of these strategies by stimulating apoptosis (denuding the cancer of its strategy to hide from the immune system), and inhibiting angiogenesis and metastasis. In essence, starving the little bastard, making it commit suicide, and instituting a “travel ban.” I can’t think of a more appropriate way for it to die. : )

We must convert our bioterrains from one that was hospitable to cancer to one that is hostile to cancer. All treatments that work, whether western medicine or naturopathic (chemotherapy, radiation, changes to diet and lifestyle, focussing on emotional wellness), are doing that.

We start by identifying the factors in our own perfect storms and working to reverse the conditions. To the extent ingested toxins or toxic lifestyles are factors in that perfect storm, let’s get those accumulated and accumulating toxins below the threshold. To the extent that nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances are factors, let’s balance them all. To the extent the immune system has been weakened, let’s remove the contributing factors and boost it. Chemo and radiation will destroy the incoming missiles and kill some of the aliens that made it through but we can’t repair the ship until we get that forcefield back up. Hopefully, the above measures will repair the forcefield. Ingest non-toxic, cancer killers to kill the invaders that made it through.

As I said, making the bioterrain hostile to cancer is what western medicine is trying to do. The problem is when it becomes too toxic for the healthy cells and systems too. Almost every friend I’ve lost (dozens) succumbed to the western toxins before cancer had a chance to kill them. So, we must also support our body naturopathically to survive the toxins, if we choose to employ them in our protocols. This hybrid approach worked for me… against all odds. I had SO many tumors, in SO many places, I needed massive amounts of chemo and radiation to “blast the barnacles off the hull”. I don’t believe I would have survived that massive onslaught of toxins had I not detoxified and nutritionally supported my body while boosting my immune system and ingesting non-toxic cancer killers that help the chemo do it’s job.


My protocol

There are 6 principles to my naturopathic protocol:

  1. stop putting toxins in
  2. get accumulated toxins out
  3. correct nutritional imbalances
  4. boost your immune system
  5. kill the little f&*%ing cancer cells and
  6. focus on emotional wellness.

Those principles will only help your body, no matter what disease challenges you face and what treatment path you embark on. And no, this isn’t about blame… it’s about empowerment!


Blame vs. Empowerment

“We’re all doing the best we can with the tools at our disposal” – moi

“We’re gonna need bigger tools” — moi aussi (channeling Captain Quint)

My message is not about blame, it is about empowerment. Blame, denial, and anger do not serve you in your quest to heal. It is bad news that we are exposed to so many toxins and that many of them are beyond our control. It is good news that we can take control of our own healing.

We can help our bodies to achieve homeostasis and heal. Our poor little bodies that have carried us this far need us to be kind to them. That includes loving ourselves and not beating ourselves up over being human. They will forgive us any sins of the past. I do not choose to feel bad about choices I have made but to feel empowered to cleanse my body of toxins and boost my immune system to help my body to heal going forward… only good things can come from it.

I walk the line between western and naturopathic protocols because I employed both and I firmly believe that I would not have accomplished my miracles if I had not. If I had listened only to my doctors, I would be dead… even they will admit that. But, walking that area of overlap between two worlds makes me a target from both sides… the western side may think the naturopathic stuff is a bunch of hooey and the natural side may think I sold out by having chemo and radiation. But the truth remains, no one on either side even entertained the possibility that I would be alive two months later, let alone five years. Or that I would walk again, let alone be NEAD. As I travel this hallway between two worlds, I am not trying to throw open the doors and drag people kicking and screaming into the hallway with me. But I am trying to nudge closed doors open so that people can make empowered decisions about their path.

I don’t care if everyone agrees with me or if they follow my path. I tell my story and share the info I do to give you hope in your own ability to access knowledge, develop your tools, and choose your path. Knowledge is power. Bless you all on the path you choose.



• How strong is the evidence of a link between environmental chemicals and adverse effects on human reproductive health? (British Medical Journal)

• Substantial contribution of extrinsic risk factors to cancer development (Nature)

• Nearly half of U.S. cancer deaths blamed on unhealthy behavior (American Caner Society)


Disclaimer: Nothing contained on this website should be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor. I am a Stage IV breast cancer thriver who is currently NEAD and simply sharing what I did, and do, and why. Please research anything I share to determine if it is a good path for you. Bless you all on the path you choose.

All original content contained on this web site, What I did and do and why, is copyrighted, 2015,2016, 2017 Kaiulani Facciani.



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