Avoiding toxins…

Avoiding toxins…

So what do I mean by “stop putting toxins in”? For those of us who have chosen chemo and/or radiation, that is obviously tricky since they are toxic. All the more reason to give our organs of detox (liver, kidneys, lungs, skin) a break by limiting toxic overload to the extent that we can. They need our love and support if we want them to do their job for us.

It’s not enough to “eat right” unless you have a deep commitment to what that means. I eat only organic if possible (many pesticides are carcinogenic, globular fruits and vegetables such as apples, tomatoes, berries, coffee beans and leaves such as herbs and tea, are COVERED in pesticides… and then you boil it and drink it? Yechhh). I eat whole foods. I avoid processed foods (especially sugar and bleached flour). I limit my consumption of beef (making bone broth from organic bones is a great way to get the nutrients from animals, especially if you have bone mets, without overloading your system with iron and the digestion of meat). Any animal products I do consume are organic. I consume lots of fruits and vegetables.

I’m not saying anything you haven’t heard before. Just a loving, gentle reminder that you are your best healer and you need to treat yourself and that body that is fighting for you with love and support. I chose to have chemo and radiation. I had a LOT! It was a hard choice for me. I suffered. But not as much as everyone else seemed to and I credit my naturopathic regimen for sustaining me. Perhaps being able to withstand such horrendous amounts of chemo and radiation gave me an edge to beat the bastard back enough so that my natural therapies could work as well. Peace and love be with those who are struggling with this now.

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