Food as medicine

I respect all beliefs. But some confuse me. If you believe in a Creator, than you believe that the bountiful foods provided for us were designed for us and are a gift from the Creator. If you believe in evolution, then you believe our bodies co-evolved with those foods over millions of years to optimize our survival. The vast majority of people believe in one or the other or a combination of both. What I don’t understand then is why so many people discount the role natural foods play in our health or the concept of food as medicine. These are the same people that say the only answers to our health problems lie in man’s invention of pharmaceuticals. Mind you, most of those pharmaceuticals are derived from natural substances.

There is no dispute that many of our man-made chemicals have a strong, causal link to cancer. Why, then, is it such a stretch to imagine that our (either God-given or perfectly evolved) natural sustenance could play an important role in restoring the balance that our man-made chemicals have disrupted?

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